The FutureCoaching is built around a conversation that brings to the surface the barriers that are keeping a valued leader from performing at his best.

Coaching is built around a conversation that identifies a strategy for a senior executive in need of a job or career change – and then helping her find a position where her skills and talents will be appreciated – or providing her with approaches to maximize the investment she’s made at her current company.

Coaching is built around a conversation to discover what’s frustrating an ambitious subject matter expert seeking direction on how he can move forward intelligently to promote a niche and attract clients.

I call my form of coaching Signature Coaching because the goal of our work is to create a public presence for an individual that’s as unique as her written name.

Yet, Signature Coaching is not just about working with senior executives or entrepreneurs to improve their leadership abilities, manage their next moves, establish their niches, or expand their horizons for future prosperity.

Signature Coaching is about discerning a client’s authentic dreams, the inner passion that fuels her life and inspires actions.

Signature Coaching is about creating ways to imprint those possibilities with a client’s own style, his own brand, his own unique signature.

Signature Coaching takes in all that a client says he wants out of life and asks “What more do you want out of life?”

Signature Coaching meets clients where they are in their careers and helps them to be bold, to take the next step, and the next one after that to level the playing field on their paths to self-actualization.

The basics of Signature Coaching process include:

- An initial conversation.

- ‘Good fit’ decision.

- Commitment to 30-day program.

- Weekly coaching sessions.

- Setting of 30-Day Goals.

- ‘Homework’ to reinforce and sustain forward movement.

Are you ready for a conversation to discover your life’s signature?  We’ll talk.  Send me an e-mail at or call me 209-588-8992!


Developing Students

by Leigh on May 11, 2014 · 0 comments

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Books and appleToday is Mother’s Day and I don’t have children which makes me sad.  However, I am very pleased that I had students who are connecting with the curriculum I created.

A student in my “Organizational Behavior” class in the Fall 2010 wanted to connect with me but that took about two years.  The student finally wrote, “I have been trying to send you a note for the longest but I wasn’t able to find your e-mail until today (October 12, 2013).  I hope you are well and still pushing your students to the max.”  His next line was, “I can’t thank you enough for your efforts that made me learn and sharpen my communication skills.”  To end the e-mail, he wrote “I hope I will hear back from you soon!”  And he did and I hope he again lets me know how he is climbing the ladder to the top of his career.

Another one of my students wrote at the end of the Spring 2012 class:  “I’ve always believed school was overrated but your class really made me eat my words.  I actually learned a lot about life and business.  This was one of the few classes that by the end of the semester I felt like I had grown.  It was challenging but I feel it was well worth it because it made me into a better writer, speaker, and a better rounded individual in general.”

In Spring 2010, I received an Thank You e-mail from a female student and was startled by what I read.  The first paragraph was “Hi Professor Henderson, I wanted to thank you for all your contributions this semester.  In my years at Baruch, I have never met a professor that exemplifies a positive learning environment that helped us to grow and understand how we should behave in a corporate environment.”  Another line was “This class has made me think more about where I am and what I want to accomplish out of life and no other professor has made me think that way.”  Skipping the next paragraph, the last line is “Thank you again and I do hope that Baruch realizes what a tremendous asset you are to the future of this nation.”

I can go on and on but one thing I do know:  I have a tendency to cry reading the above.  However, I feel pleased that I have done my work developing my former students.


A Woman in Leadership

October 8, 2013

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In a Second: Don’t Text and Drive

August 22, 2013

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Your Career is My Business

August 13, 2013

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Interviewing on Skype

August 4, 2013

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Telephone Coaching

July 29, 2013

Print This PostSince moving to Sonora, CA, I’m mostly doing telephone coaching.  “But I want in-person coaching because I couldn’t see you if you weren’t in the same room,” a prospect might state.  Coaching in person does allow me to observe the body language of a client, especially their facial response to what I say.  […]

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Sonora Business

July 27, 2013

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Goodbye, Manhattan; Hello, Sonora!

February 18, 2013

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How do you keep your staff excited?

January 29, 2013

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