A Woman in Leadership

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This morning when I was reading The New York Times, I came across this article:

Share Your Advice for Young Women in the Workplace
Are you a woman in a leadership role? What advice do you have for women early in their careers?

Here’s the URL that you can access and post your opinions:  http://nyti.ms/GHYE7U

I’m looking forward to reading what you write!


Werner Herzog Says:  Don’t Text and Drive” is the title of an article by The Editorial Board of The New York Times on August 15, 2013.  Herzog is a “prolific German filmmaker” yet recently he directed something different:  “a 35 minute documentary on the perils of texting while driving,” an important piece since “The National Safety Council estimated that roughly 200,000 crashes in 2011 involved texting.”  And over 100,000 accidents a year involve drivers who are texters.

“From One Second to the Next” can now be found on You Tube.  Seeing this very worthwhile video, you can watch the repercussions of texting while driving.  Four people who texted while driving were in four accidents in which unfortunately “two of them were fatal.”  However, they were preventable. [click to continue…]


Your Career is My Business

August 13, 2013

Print This PostWhen looking through my PowerPoint slide shows, I came across my “Prof. Leigh’s Career Ladder” that I developed in the “Supercharge Your Career” class I created in the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College. On the slides are milestones starting with what I wanted to do when I was seven and a network of […]

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Interviewing on Skype

August 4, 2013

Print This Post  There are many ways to have an interview with a ‘recruiter’ seeking your skills:  in person, in a group, during lunch, on the phone, and with Skype.  Alexandra Whittaker wrote “13 tips for nailing a Skype interview” and it was published in the College area of USA TODAY on August 1, 2013.  […]

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Telephone Coaching

July 29, 2013

Print This PostSince moving to Sonora, CA, I’m mostly doing telephone coaching.  “But I want in-person coaching because I couldn’t see you if you weren’t in the same room,” a prospect might state.  Coaching in person does allow me to observe the body language of a client, especially their facial response to what I say.  […]

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Sonora Business

July 27, 2013

Print This PostGoodbye, Manhattan; Hello, Sonora! published here on February 18, 2013 was the last entry I posted on my blog.  During these last months, I’ve started posts but got distracted as I was sorting out how I could live permanently in Tuolumne County in California.  Below are ten items that have helped me acculturate […]

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Goodbye, Manhattan; Hello, Sonora!

February 18, 2013

Print This Post“Goodbye, Manhattan” is a ‘diary entry’ that appeared in the “Metropolitan Diary” section of the New York Times on February 13, 2013.  In case you want to read my diary entry, here’s the link http://nyti.ms/ZacdnZ.  I recommend that you also read the Comments. A former student of mine, who took my “Supercharge Your […]

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How do you keep your staff excited?

January 29, 2013

Print This PostVerne Harnish, CEO of Gazelles Inc., an executive education firm, has the answer in his article “Five Ways to Keep Employees Excited” in the December 3, 2012 issue of Fortune.  Using the word invested with employees is also a way to motivate your staff members. Below is a list of Harnish’s five ways […]

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Daily Motivation

January 28, 2013

Print This PostInstigating real experiences is part of my repertoire of approaches to help leaders understand the importance of staying motivated in their role and to stimulate and inspire motivation in their employees.  However, motivation is part of an individual’s daily life.  Instead of procrastinating or delaying an activity, find a way to motivate yourself […]

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Practice for Advancement

January 8, 2013

Print This Post“Want That Promotion?  Practice Your Job” was the title of a Wall Street Journal Tweet on Twitter that led me to go to their website to read the article.  Cal Newport, an assistant professor of computer science at Georgetown University, describes how in the span of two years intern Mike J. moved up to being a […]

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