What Shapes Your Thinking?

by Leigh on January 6, 2012 · 0 comments

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Certain primitives bind their skulls with strips of hide so that their heads grow “on the bias”.  When these wrappings are removed, the first flow of blood is extremely painful.  In our society, many people bind not their heads, but their minds, and as result of this tourniquet on their imagination, their thinking is biased and their opinion hidebound.  To remove the wrappings and permit a flow of new ideas is painful here too, and their narrow-minded clans are careful to avoid it. 

Every once in a while when going through papers I’ve kept from my college years, I come across a mimeographed half-page handout in purple ink that my Social Welfare professor gave out in the class I took at Long Beach State College in California.  It is a reminder to keep an open mind.

After reading an endless number of political articles recently, I thought this is the time to share these words of wisdom that encourage people to be open to growth, to see the world from different perspectives, and to think in terms of innovative ideas rather than rigid rules.

Taking off the tourniquet of an individual’s imagination, opens a mind to new and creative ideas, unbiased thinking, and a rational opinion.

It is a process that everyone can find of benefit.

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