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“The Impact of Technology on Workplace 2020” was the title of the final written assignment by students in my “Organizational Behavior” class that ended in late December.  After receiving Fortune Magazine’s January 16, 2012 edition, I’m not certain I will assign that same topic again since my students can find a lot of detailed information in one source.

The Future Issue:  What’s next in technology, energy, banking, medicine, offices, education…” is a good overview of looking into a crystal ball of what 2022 holds for us.

For instance, the double pages on “Brave New Work:  The Office of Tomorrow” begin the narrative with this:  “Walk into a corporate office a few years from now, and you’ll be struck by how much it physically resembles the office of today.”  On the pages you see a typical layout of corporate offices with callouts to what are new ways of doing business—and ordering lunch—with advanced technology.  As for employee behavior, there will be a new kind of team building since “the challenges the world throws at them will change rapidly and unpredictably, team members will have to share certain psychological traits, especially flexibility, adaptability, and resilience.”

Colleen Leahey forecasts in “What—Me Retire?” that people will work into their golden years.  It’s a financial must for some people, a habit for others, and a community center for the rest.  Not one of my students mentioned what to do with the older worker but I know from the article that “The U.S. Labor of Statistics estimates that 13.2 million workers 65 and over will office hours in 2022, up from 7.3 million today.”  Make way, Millennials, for the Baby Boomers that are not going away soon!

When I look into my crystal ball as to what I’ll be doing in ten years, I see the same routines of writing, teaching, coaching, etc.  As an entrepreneur, I have the flexibility to work from home already and travel when going to a speaking engagement.  But instead of an in-person presentation will I be able to sit at my computer and deliver my talk through my PC?  Of course, privacy is a major, major issue of the future.

I suggest that you read the additional Fortune tellers so you, too, can see what just might be in store for you and how you can prepare for entering that space.

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