Daily Motivation

January 28, 2013

Print This PostInstigating real experiences is part of my repertoire of approaches to help leaders understand the importance of staying motivated in their role and to stimulate and inspire motivation in their employees.  However, motivation is part of an individual’s daily life.  Instead of procrastinating or delaying an activity, find a way to motivate yourself […]

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Practice for Advancement

January 8, 2013

Print This Post“Want That Promotion?  Practice Your Job” was the title of a Wall Street Journal Tweet on Twitter that led me to go to their website to read the article.  Cal Newport, an assistant professor of computer science at Georgetown University, describes how in the span of two years intern Mike J. moved up to being a […]

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A Manager is Like a Pilates Instructor

January 5, 2013

Print This PostOften in my “Organizational Behavior” college courses, I would ask my students to finish this simile: “A manager is like a…..”  One student wrote “Being a manager is like being an actor because others look up to you and every move you make is being watched.  When you are put in difficult situations […]

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Real Improvement 2013

December 31, 2012

Print This PostHappy New Year!  Hope that the business of your life in 2013 brings you prosperity and happiness! At this time of year, I, like millions of others, make a list of New Year’s Resolutions.  When I was making my list, I realized that something was missing:  what I wanted didn’t take into consideration […]

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December Networking

December 13, 2012

Print This PostAre you going to the holiday office party?  Celebrating the season at a gathering of a friend’s business colleagues?  Holding your own merrymaking event of a variety of friends and colleagues?  Be prepared to network! December is a good time to meet others at events. The last month of the year is also […]

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Images of Sandy’s Impact

December 11, 2012

Print This PostA picture is worth a thousand words. My previous post on Sandy’s Impact on a College Student was focused on the recovery process of Dennis Ramdawah, one of my former students at the Zicklin School of Business.  Dennis sent me seven photographs of Sandy’s destruction with captions to illustrate the challenges he and […]

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Sandy’s Impact on a College Student

December 9, 2012

Print This Post“How are you?” was the first sentence in an e-mail to me from Dennis Ramdawah, a former college student of mine in the Management Department at the Zicklin School of Business within Baruch College.  I was fine but Dennis was not. Dennis was a stellar student in my fall 2011 Organizational Behavior evening […]

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The Cost of Self-Deception

November 29, 2012

Print This PostYesterday, I went to see “Flight” starring Denzel Washington.  To me, the movie was good not great, a little too long but strong scenes, and an older Washington than the one I had last seen in a movie.  Overall, however, the movie is a good reason to go to the cinema.  What I […]

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Urge a Vote for Violence Against Women Act

November 27, 2012

Print This PostYesterday, I wrote a post on Domestic Violence Goes to Work that was based on a White Paper from Soroptimist International.  After that post, an e-mail on a related topic arrived from the American Association of University Women (AAUW), an association that is breaking barriers for women and girls. AAUW is very active […]

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Domestic Violence Goes to Work

November 26, 2012

Print This Post“Ellen works for a small shipping company in the western Canada city of Vancouver.  She has been unhappily married to Paul for more than 20 years, and she and her two daughters bear the brunt of Paul’s verbal taunts and controlling behavior.  Though he has never physically abused the children, he often beats […]

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