Thanksgiving is THANKS giving

November 19, 2012

Print This PostWhen I was watching the news on TV this morning, I saw a segment about a woman who was already camped outside Best Buy.  She wanted to be first in line so that she could dash in the store when it opened after Thanksgiving ended at 12:00 a.m. or the start of Black […]

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Buying Politicians vs. Real Politicians

November 8, 2012

Print This PostIf it was up to me, I’d limit the presidential or any campaign period to one month to save money.  It would also put pressure to find the real politicians who understand effective leadership of constituencies and not politicians bought by ‘megadonors’.  And since our planet is experiencing global warming, a month of […]

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One of 90,000,000

November 6, 2012

Print This PostMy completed ballot was #5 this morning.  A little before 7:00 a.m., I walked to the polling place to be one of the first in line to cast my preferences for an array of leaders.  My vote was not just for a president but a U.S. senator and local politicians plus California propositions. […]

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Voting for the Big Picture

November 5, 2012

Print This PostIn November 2008, I was determined to write-in Hillary Clinton as my choice to be president of the United States.  Although there were many female heads of states and outstanding leaders in global countries, there was no spot on the ballot for Clinton’s name.  To me, it was time for a woman to […]

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Halloween is a Day to Pretend

October 31, 2012

Print This PostHalloween is a day for wearing masks and costumes that transform you into someone you aren’t but maybe want to be.  If you camouflage your real persona, you can pretend who you are and assume the behavior of a famous person like an actor or politician, if only for an evening. A few […]

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Real Leadership in an Emergency

October 30, 2012

Print This Post“I am fine.  My building and immediate neighborhood is in great shape,” a friend who lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan wrote in a text message to me early this morning.  Yesterday I had sent e-mails to friends, colleagues, former students, and family who lived in the tract of tropical-storm Sandy […]

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Customer Service Agent

October 29, 2012

Print This PostI am tired of receiving e-mails asking me to fill out a survey or using the letters on my cellphone’s number pad to rank the ratings of customer service agents at the end of a conversation.  Since I relocated recently, I needed to bring in needed services to my home — all from […]

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Career Intelligence

October 25, 2012

Print This PostYour career is my business.  And part of that business is sharing information with you about aspects of your career, or put another way, pointing you to where you can gain career intelligence. Yesterday when I was reading Crain’s New York Business, I saw this:  “$8,275 The gap in median pay between full-time working […]

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Trouble with Career Technology

October 22, 2012

Print This PostLast week, I saw the movie “Trouble with the Curve” a pretty good baseball movie starring Clint Eastwood (Gus Lobel) as a baseball scout and Amy Adams (Mickey) as his daughter who took time from her legal office to help her father..  These and other performers were great.  However, this isn’t a review […]

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Reasons Why I Relocated

October 20, 2012

Print This PostTo follow up on my previous post “New Chapter of Life,” below is a version of an essay that I drafted and sent to the local Sonora paper last year at this time.  Although I found out that newspaper doesn’t accept submissions, the editor thought it was a fun essay.  So, I invite […]

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